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"I started racing in 1997. I received instruction from Don during the season. He helped me tremendously. His ability to explain performance/race driving in a practical manner, in plain English makes using what he teaches easy to apply. His hints and suggestions continually echo in my mind while I'm competing. He doesn't teach just racing techniques and tactics, he teaches driving! Don Swanson genuinely cares about your progress and helps you in every aspect of racing."
- Jim Rice, triathlete and 2002 125 cc, ESA Champion and 1998 SDKA (San Diego Karting Association) 1998 Rookie of the Year
Personal Cars: Porsche 930, Mazda RX7

"I really enjoy driving and good performance. Don Swanson has that expert opinion and shares it with you for those extra pointers. He is generous and willing to offer helpful suggestions. He is always concerned with safety and control and I like that. He is an excellent teacher who is patient and kind. Anyone who experiences a day with Don will not only have a BLAST but also have memories that you will find useful in your everyday driving.
- Darlene Ryno, Quality Management Nurse
Personal Car: 1995 Mustang GT and a 2004 Toyota Camry

"Don Swanson has a passion for racing which carries over to his ability to share years of experience with his clients. His concepts are easy to understand and I was faster and more confident almost immediately. I had a fresh understanding of WHY I was going fast and how I could apply the principals regardless of the situation or type of driving I probably saved years of practice time and a lot of money because of his instruction!
- Brad Bernstein, Professional Motorsports Photographer (Champ Car/LAT) and racing enthusiast
Personal Car: Infinity G-35 Coupe

To any interested future students:

Our company had budgeted money to do something interesting. We had considered going to a ball game, going on a cruise, etc. At the suggestion of one of our employees, we enrolled in the DSR school and hoped for the best. Man, did we make the right choice! We collectively had more fun and learned more than we ever imagined possible. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient and very well versed at what they do and their way of instructing was very productive. If you are looking for something fast and exciting to do, call the Don Swanson Racing School.

We'll see you again. . .soon! - Ray Alder, President - GBI Incorporated

"Don, I want to thank you for a fantastic experience with the Don Swanson Racing School on December 4. I had no idea how technical racing really is and how so many of professional racing's strategies and mechanics are used in your profession. Your style of teaching allowed me to absorb a lot of new information in a way that I could quickly apply it to the track and also retain it for both track and street driving. My commute to and from work will never be the same. With every on-ramp, sharp curve, and straight away, I imagine my turn in, apex and track out cones and visualize my breaking points! Thank you again for an exciting and educational experience. I'll be back for sure!
Sincerely, Kyle Ybarra


Thank you for all of your help during my school on April 17. Your ability to teach in a personal way makes it easy for your students to get the most out of your experience in a easy to learn environment. Even with prior racing experience, your ability to teach me your knowledge of car handling and personal feedback on how to improve my driving skill was invaluable. And when I returned to practice with my own car, my friends who have raced for almost 10 years were surprised how quickly I was coming up to speed. Without attending your school people are cheating themselves both on personal instruction and on improving on their driving skills. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Sincerely, Kyle Bruss

To the Don Swanson Racing School staff:

WOW! What a day, We were absolutely humbled and will never again think race drivers are ego maniacs and not athletes. We were totally wasted and worn out at the end of the day but IT FELT GREAT! Talk about getting your money's worth! The instructors were extremely professional and actually seemed to be enjoying themselves while they worked their magic with all of us and they were not just going through the motions. I highly recommend the Don Swanson Racing School to anyone who wants to become a racing driver or just a better driver overall. The cars were also top notch and fun to drive. Thanks guys for the time of our lives, We can't wait to do it again soon.

Regards, Dave Lenard, CEO - The LJB Group

Dear Don and staff,

I will be forever embarrassed at the fact that I thought I was a great driver before coming to your school. Man, talk about a lesson in humility. My associates are still giving me a bad time about it but they are sure glad I signed everyone up. You guys were top notch and so modest of your abilities. I felt that our progress was all that mattered to the staff all day. Your school is like a "Day Spa" for guys! Talk about being pampered and attended to, I felt like Mario Andretti. I was exhausted when the day at the school was over but during the day I forgot all my work related stresses and worries and so did my fellow office staff members. I will never drive my BMW M3 the same again and already enjoy the simple act of driving so much more. We'll be back, count on it!!

P.S. Your race prepared Honda Civics were very impressive to this long time BMW owner!

- David Balere, Attorney at Law
Personal Car: BMW M3

The techniques I learned at Don's school provided me with a whole new perspective on a result I'm a better and safer driver. Plus, understanding the tactics and strategies used in motorsports makes auto racing all the more fun to watch! Thanks Don.

- Bill Kohlepp, Marketing Executive
Personal Car: Honda Accord Wagon


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