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Our school was created by and is run by actual racing drivers. REAL Racing drivers that actually have raced! Racing drivers make the best driving instructors for road or track because of their skilled car handling abilities and proactive mindsets whether they are on a racing track or driving their street cars. We are proud to tell you who will be working with you during your day at the school. We also have a professional, enthusiastic executive/administrative staff that is second to none.

We don't teach employees without driving instructional experience how to be instructors. Students want to be taught by someone who's been there, done that, not by someone who works at a school to GET there and do that. We start by choosing only talented, experienced, Championship caliber drivers with the right attitude, provide them with a format, then let them present you with the priceless tools you need to expedite your racing career or your performance/safe/defensive driving abilities!

Our instructors have over 200 years of combined racing experience to share with you. Our instructors have over 125 racing victories and numerous Championships! When it comes to talent, we've got you covered. Don't settle for less. Get the most out of what you pay for. Our programs will give you that.


With a career that started in a Soap Box Derby car to racing at major events like the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Don’s knowledge and experience in many forms of racing is a priceless tool to all student's performance driving or racing aspirations. His passion for motor racing is evident in his approach of sharing years of valuable driving secrets with students. He has always approached driving as a serious yet rewarding activity if done correctly. In developing the curriculum for the school he has included science, physics and geometry as a way to explain the phenomenon of creating speed through better understanding and car control techniques.

Don has raced karts, hydroplanes, drag cars, sports cars (Mazda, Porsche, Ferrari, Mustang, Pontiac, Lotus, BMW, Nissan), vintage sports and formula cars (March, Lola, Lotus, Ralt, Swift). He has or is racing in IMSA, SCCA PRO, NHRA, ADRA, VARA, ALMS, and has held an FIA Grade “A” rating. He was the first 'privateer' team owner/driver in the history of IMSA to be sponsored by a Fortune 500 company. Panasonic, Mazda, Coors Beer, GTE, Motorola, Yokohama, Kendall Motor Oil, Firestone, and France Telecom were some of the companies that Don was significantly sponsored by when he was racing in IMSA. He now has many new, exciting marketing partners that he is extremely proud to have on board.

He has tasted Victory 45 times in his career and has won three Championships and holds track records in sports car racing. He has been a precision test driver for certification companies verifying performance claims made by various sports car manufacturers. He is also a graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School in the early 80's and actually taught there for 2 years in the mid-90's.


As an Executive Assistant to CEO's, COO's and Top Executives throughout San Diego, Stephanie brings a World of corporate knowledge to our racing school. She has worked for years at some of the top firms in San Diego including Kodak, Alcatel-PVNS, Burnham and several large pharmaceutical companies. She handled the day-to-day functions of corporate travel, meetings, trade shows, hospitality and also dealt with the legality issues of today's hectic business environment.

Earlier in life, she was a model in both electronic and print media and was a member of a Producers Group at Del Mar TV, where she wrote, produced, directed and hosted shows as a volunteer for Public Access Television. Besides being a Partner of the Don Swanson Racing School, she also heads up Pay It Forward Media - PIFM - which is a nonprofit organization that teaches under-served high school children how to produce, film and edit productions for charity and community events.

For Star Trek fans - she also worked for the Son of the Creator of Star Trek, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry as his Executive/Personal Assistant. She has a passion for details and makes sure every event is created and orchestrated in the most productive way possible. She became a Partner in the business because she loves cars and racing but most of all because she loves working with people. Her photo on the left was taken at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Here, she stands up in the announcer's booth that looks down over the track.


We are thrilled to have Nick on our racing school instructor staff. He is one of the most experienced, well versed instructors in the country. In our continuing efforts to be the best performance driving school on the West Coast, having Nick on board is an exciting addition. He has been working as a race and performance driving instructor. He has been a stunt driver for films, a pace driver, test, stunt and corporate driver teaching advanced driving techniques. He has instructed at the Skip Barber Racing School, Derek Daly Academy of Performance Driving, Rally Art, Precision Dynamics, Autopian Motorsports Country Club, Automotive Manufacturer Consultants Inc., IMSA - Motor Trend Product Testing, 20 /20 Sports Marketing, ESI Event Solutions International, Maritz Communications and others. Currently, among all of the other things that Nick has going, he is the Head Judge for the World Drifting Competition.

He has also conducted Corporate Manufacturer Programs for Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Infiniti, Audi, Nissan, Saab, Mazda, Dodge, GM, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and Porsche. He has raced in the Jim Russel Pro Series, Barber Saab Pro Racing Series, IMSA GTU, Formula Atlantic, Indy Lights, American Indy Car Series and has been a pace car driver at the Long Beach Grand Prix for 5 years. Before his racing career got under way, Nick was a professional ski racer competing in the International Speed Skiing Tour, the Coors American Pro Tour, Puegeot Pro Tour and the World Pro Tour. Nick also graduated from the Skip Barber Racing School.


Here's some quick facts. Doug has been an SCCA racer, a Grand American Modified Stock Car driver and an instructor in full sized Nextel Cup (NASCAR) cars at California Speedway in Fontana, teaching people how to safely drive a stock car at 175 miles per hour. Doug is the On-Line Radio voice of the Yellow Ribbon Team, an interactive organization to help our active military families stay in contact. Doug interviews the top drivers in racing today as well as celebtrities and athletes.

He has also been very active in drag racing events and actually owned a very rare Turbocharged Buick Grand National car. Doug's enthusiasm for cars and driving and his great personality ensures you will have an enjoyable day at any of our events that Doug is in charge of.


Frank is the newest member of our instructing staff. In our continual search for the best instructors available, we are pleased to have the services of this talented racing driver. Frank Bain has spent over half his life behind the wheel of a racing vehicle. Competing in race series throughout North America, this young driver grew strong roots in karting earning multiple championships before moving onto full size race cars. While honing his skills behind the wheel, Bain raised the level of his technical ability obtaining an engineering degree from Rutgers University.

Frank went on to compete in NASCAR Super Late Models, Trucks and Modifieds but has spent the bulk of his career in open-wheel, racing Midgets, Formula Ford 2000, Star Mazda Pro Series and most recently the CART Barber Dodge Pro Series. He was the 1998 Northeast Region karting Champion, the 1999 SKUSA Liberty Region karting Champion, and the 2000 SKUSA Liberty Region karting Champion. He has also worked throughout the United States and Canada as a lead instructor / driver in many automobile performance programs for many of the World's top automotive brands.


Graduate of the Elf Winfield Motor Racing School in Europe. Scott was not only a graduate but finished in the top 5 out of over 200 drivers at the Circuit Paul Ricard in the South of France. This was rare for an American driver to go over to France and compete with Europe's best racing prospects. Alain Prost and many other Formula 1 racing drivers came out of this prestigious school which uses Renault Turbo formula cars. Scott has also spent time in sports car racing and has done work with the Yokohama Racing Tires Division. He has traveled throughout the United States and Europe working on professional racing teams. He is a quick and smooth racing driver and his natural ability comes from his extensive, ongoing training program. Scott operates Palm Spring’s premiere hiking and guide service, Trail Discovery/Desert Safari when he is not sharing his valuable years of experience with students.

Hiking 20-60 miles a week, Scott has the key ingredient to beinG a successful racing driver, physical fitness. The better shape you stay in the better you will perform any demanding task in your life and Scott epitomizes what a serious racing driver trains like. Scott’s experience and the knowledge he has gained gives him valuable information to share with students.

His experience, and the respect he's earned working with Destination Management companies as well as major hotel chains and travel agencies, adds tremendous value to our staff. The professional manner in which Scott handles corporate and executive accounts is another reason we are happy to have hime on board.


Ty's father has been in the car business for nearly 50 years. Ty is one of those guys who loves a challenge. He is also one who regards any and all problem as an opportunity. This is the kind of thinking that creates a champion. Ty has raced karts, drag cars and sports cars to many victories including a season long NASCAR (short track) Championship in 1996. TY has often been criticized as a guy who had the financial means to compete with a winning car but you still have to get behind the wheel and have the talent and discipline to get the job done. He also prepared and worked on his own cars, something he didn't have to do. He is a member of our staff because of his dedication to the sport of motor racing and his years of knowledge in many types of race cars.

Ty currently competes in road races in the United States and Mexico driving his 1994 Honda Civic which features a 150HP 1993 Supercharged, Acura 1800 engine. This is a fully race prepared car that he drove to a win in class and a 6th overall out of 34 cars despite starting dead last at the Los Angeles Grand Prix in 1998. He operates the Motorsports Division of Tipton Honda and also the new Indian, Triumph and Big Dog Motorcycle dealership in El Cajon, California.

Ty has been on the pole position many many times and has won 20 feature races in his stock car racing career.


A long time runner, bicyclist and overall fitness enthusiast, Jim dove into the motor racing pool several years ago and continues today in many forms of motor racing. He owns and races three different sports cars at the present time including a 930 Porsche. Jim’s fitness training, much like his fellow instructors, has played a big part of his approach and success so far in racing. He is a graduate of the Don Swanson Racing School and even as a student, DSRS instructors knew that Jim had a special aptitude for driving. He has raced bicycles, sports cars and race karts where in 1998 he was crowned the regional “Rookie of the Year” by the San Diego Karting Association (SDKA).
Jim was the 2002 125 Electric Start Karting Class Champion, with 5 wins and 1 second place finish in the San Diego County competition.

When Jim is not instructing he owns and operates Foot Depot (Previously Sole Performance) in Encinitas. He provides customers with computerized custom orthotics utilizing Cad/Cam Technology. He also performs specialty shoe work for athletes including racing boots and gloves for Mario Andretti, Michael Andretti, Jean Alesi, Eddie Irvine, Christian Fittipaldi, Johhny Herbert, Ricardo Zonta, Tony Kanaan, and other top drivers. He even did running shoe work for Scott Tinley, John Howard, Paula Newby Frazier, Heather Fuhr and Michele Jones who was a Silver Medalist tri-athlete in the Sydny, Austailia Summer Olympics.

Jim is a welcomed addition to our instructor staff because of his dedication to the science of racing and driving and for his understanding of mental preparation for sports in general.


Adam is a professional dirt and asphalt sprint car and midget driver. Adam got his racing career started in Speedway Midgets and found himself in the Winner's Circle many times. At the advice of a friend, Adam enrolled in the Skip Barber Racing School and considered a career in sports cars or open wheel Grand Prix style racing.

Upon completing the Skip Barber school, some effort was made to establish a road racing program but the love of Sprint Cars and Midget Racers found him moving to Indianapolis, sharing a shop with Stan Fox (Sprint, Midget and Indy Car Driver) and racing throughout the Midwest and weekly on ESPN's Thursday Night Thunder. After two years of banging wheels with some of the sport's biggest stars such as Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Rich Vogler, PJ Jones and others, Adam moved back to California to carry on his racing career. Most recently you could find him at Perris Speedway near Riverside, California.


As a young boy, Paul played all the stick and ball sports just like all the other kids both those games weren't fast enough - racing was. In his teens, Paul started racing karts and was a driver for one of the most well known names in kart racing, Doug Flemming. He won many races and two championships. He drove KT 100 and 125 Shifter Karts. He went to the Paul Spinard Racing School in Canada and the Dane Peteressi Advanced Driving School in Portland, Oregon.

He raced in the Formula 2000 series (photo at left) against well known drivers such as Jimmy Vassar, Patrick Carpentia and David Emperingham and then went on to do what most aspiring drivers only dream about - went to the Elf Winfield School in Europe at Circuit de Paul Ricard in France. This is the same school that fellow instructor, Scott Scott went to. At the school he drove a Formula Renault against some of the best drivers from Europe. Upon his return to the states, he raced some Formula Atlantic and in the Barber Saab Pro Series.

He raced


Here's some quick facts. Ron is one of the most respected competitors in off road racing. He has driven in many types of vehicles in off road races including the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000 and his newest full sized buggy has all of the latest sophisticated equipment and components that would make a Formula One team proud. Ron's Brookshire Motorsports Team is the first team in the history of off road racing to use a Honda 4 cylinder powerplant when most people were using VW engines and others.

Although he competes in off road racing primarily, we are proud to have Ron on board because of his love of road racing as well. In fact, he loves road racing so much he attended and is a graduate of not only the Bob Bondurant Racing School but is also a graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School.

Ron is also an incredible metal fabricator and has done most of the work on his off road race cars.

Ron, like most of our staff, can drive just about anything and drive it well within a short time.


Rod brings 30 years of racing experience to our instructing staff. He has held racing licenses in SCCA, PCA, POC, VARA and HSR. Rod has owned and driven in Formula Fords (one of the most famous and popular Formula race cars in the World), Spec Racers, Sports 2000s, GT-2 Porsches, BMWs, Datsun 510 and 1600 series cars and more.

He began racing while in College driving Showroom Stock sports cars. Some of the highlights from his career include qualifying 5 times for the Valvoline Runoffs, the biggest SCCA race of the year where all SCCA Regional and National Champions from throughout the United States participate. Rod has been an active instructor for many sports car clubs including Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Pantera/Cobra, Ferrari, SCCA and racing schools.

He still competes five to six times a year in VARA and HSR events in his Porsche 2.0 Roadster.

n addition to his extensive driving experience he was also a Touring Professional Tennis player and a Minor League Baseball player (first baseman).
With a background in professional sports, Rod has the key ingredient to being a great driver - dedication to doing it the best you can.







Would you like to be an instructor at our school? Do you have the driving instructional background and a desire to help others reach their potential? We are always looking for experienced, talented individuals for our staff. Call our school office and talk to Don Swanson or Stephanie Sullivan for more information. 760-500-1997


Occasionally, we are treated to visits by guest instructors from various professional racing series.


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