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Here's Don Swanson and Bryan Black, KSWB 5/69 Reporter who did a cover story on the school. Bryan and his Videographer spent several hours at the Media Day/official school launch event, interviewing and filming for the Feature story that aired 3 weeks later. Bryan also got to drive the school race cars.

Here is David Viegas, Reporter/Photo Journalist from 10 news and Stephanie Sullivan, Co-Partner, Events Coordinator and Public Relations Director of the school at the Media Day/official event launch event. David was there to cover the event for KGTV (ABC) Television.

2 of the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders stopped by the school display on a gloomy day at the Lexus Golf Fest. Ashley and Mandy share a moment with Don Swanson, Founder of the school.

Stephanie Sullivan points out the awesome RPM Today / ESPN Radio 800 Vintage Ford Van. This photo was taken at San Diego's Balboa Park in front of he San Diego Auto Museum. Don Swanson was a guest on RPM Today which aired every Sunday morning on AM ESPN Radio, 800. Don talked about the school, his valuable sponsors and motor racing in general. The Host of the show was long time motor racing enthusiast and TV and Radio personality, Dave Stall.

This is a photo of our promotional display at the Lifestyle Expo at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, one of the World's most famous racing events. The school travels to as many promotional events as possible to showcase our programs and all of our great sponsors

Sand Diego's 10 News (ABC) did a special report on the price of gas in Southern California. Anchorman and Reporter Bob Lawrence did a feature story on how to conserve fuel. Bob called the Don Swanson Racing School for some pointers and ideas on our driving technique could help someone get better fuel mileage. Driving habits, vehicle wheel alignment, tire pressures we discussed during the day. The photo on the top left is David Viegas, Photographer getting his camera ready for the shoot. The photo to the right is Bob Lawrence, Stephanie Sullivan and David. The photo below is Don Swanson and Bob Lawrence in one of the school cars.

This is a photo of the popular Honda Tech event at the Eibach Springs Corporate headquarters in Corona, California. Eibach Springs is one of the key sponsors of the Don Swanson Racing School and they invited us up for the day to display the school cars. There were roughly 1500 cars on display at the show and approximately 5000 people attended the event.


"Are you sure I passed another kart where I wasn't supposed t

Don signing autographs at a "Make A Wish" Foundation event

Participating at an Arthritis Foundation fund raising Mini Grand Prix

At the banquet for the Arthritis Foundation fund raising activities

Don was not only an instructor at the Skip Barber Racing School but because he possessed a Commercial Driver's License with all endorsements, he also drove the Skip Barber semi truck that hauled the BMW school cars to off site events. Here, he's securing the cars before heading out on the road

Don helping with a Kendall Motor Oil promotion explaining the virtues and quality of all Kendall products.

Wearing commemorative Patriotic driving suit.

Don with Indy 500 Winner and CART Indy Car Champion, Al Unser Jr. The photo was taken at the last ever CART Indy Car race at California Speedway at the Penske Hospitality area where Don was a guest.

This is a semi transporter that Don once drove for Dan Gurney. All of his race cars were knwon as Gurney Eagles and his rigs were painted like an Eagle which was also his trademark. His business is All-American Racers. Dan is one of America's most famous racers and competed in Stock Cars, Indy Cars, Sports Cars and more throughout his historic career racing at Indy, the Daytona 500 and the LeMans 24 Hours and everything in between.

Don with Indy 500 Winner and CART Indy Car Champion, Danny Sullivan. The photo was taken at the last ever CART Indy Car race at California Speedway at the Penske Hospitality area where Don was a guest.

Don with rising NASCAR Star, Joey Lagano at the All Star Showdown event at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale on January 30, 2010. Joey started second and won the famous annual race for the second time.

Don with NASCAR driver, David Gilliland at the All Star Showdown event at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale on January 30, 2010. David started the race in the top 5 but mechanical issues out him out of the race.

Don with actor Richard Karn who starred as Al Borland in 'Home Improvement' and also 'Family Feud' Richard came out with a group of celebrities for a day at the race school.

Don with group of celebrities that came out to the school for a day. Left to Right. . .

Patrick Warburton, Serena Brock, Christopher MacDonald, Pauyla Trickey, Chris Witson, Don and Dr. Gadget.

Participating at a promotional event at Malibu Grand Prix for the Von's Grand Prix of San Diego at Del Mar

Don with Brian Wagner, Communications Director for Nissan Racing at a promotional event during the San Diego Grand Prix

Don with Playboy model, Shannon Rae who was working in the display area at a promotion for one of Don's sponsors, Panasonic. Don became great friends with Shannon and still keeps in touch with her.

Don with Ashley, one of the "Coors Girls" outside the Coors hospitality area at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Don with one of his valued sponsors, Alan Hauck, President of the ToolMart tool store chain.

Don with some Cub Scouts at a fund raising event. Don's team brought all of the racing cars and associated equipment out for the event.

Don with Oakland Raiders Cheerleader, Cindy Sullivan at a promotional event for Panasonic

Don with NBA Star, Danny Manning at a promotional event for Panasonic. Danny, days later, signed the photo.

This is another photo shoot that was done for Kendall Motor Oil and Panasonic Car Audio. The photo shows Don's 1963 B/MP Drag race Car, a March Chassis C/Sports Racer and Don's 1983 Ex-AJ Foyt March Indy Car. One of his early transporters can be seen in the background.

Don next to an F-40 Ferrari that he drove at a private driver coaching day for a client

A rare photo between two totally different types of race cars that were run on alternating weekends, the drag car for fun, the CSR for career advancement.

This is Don with Mazda racing genius, Dave Lemon, the Owner of MazdaTrix in Signal Hill, California.

Here's the story line. . .

In 1990, Don was driving his Panasonic sponsored, Mazda RX7 GTU car in a practice session at the Long Beach GP when the engine developed an overheating problem and (at the time) without a spare engine, the team was dead in the water. Just by chance, a man walked up to our pit area and asked what was wrong with the (Mazda Rotary) engine?

We told him we didn't know yet but the team knew it was serious. He assured us he knew who would know. After a phone call or two and within 3 hours, Don's race team had the engine out of the race car and at Dave Lemon's shop called MazdaTrix in Signal Hill, a short distance from the track in Long Beach. Dave Lemon calmly removed a rotor housing that he had in his display case, dusted it off, painstakingly bored and honed it to match the other rotor housing in the engine, rebuilt the entire engine and it was back in Don's car at the track by 4:00 AM the next day in time for qualifying. Dave did an amazing, super human job!!!! Don finished 5th in the race despite all of the fire drills.

13 years later, Don was at an huge annual event at the Mazda headquarters in Irvine, California called 7 Stock. Don happened to come across a display for MazdaTrix and that's where he re-connected with Dave Lemon. They hadn't seen each other in years. Dave pointed out that the rotor housing on his display table that everyone was looking at (photo at bottom left) was none other than the infamous cracked rotor housing that was from Don's race car from the Long Beach GP in 1990. It was decided that Don should sign it to solidify it's place in Mazda's racing history.

This is a photo of the housing and of Don signing it.

Here are two photos of the signed rotor housing. It says - To Dave, Thanks for saving my race at Long Beach GP, 1990, Don Swanson

o?" "YES!" The meaning of racing flags are talked about in the classroom and are used throughout the day. Students must pay attention or will be black-flagged to the pits for explanation.

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